Tin Woman

Amongst deep secrets and shallow sleep,
only him I hoped to keep,
from the ground I took a leap,
it was awfully steep,
my impulsive heart, I chose to reap,
sold it to him for very cheap,
not of value, and none to seep,
I found it in a dusty heap.

Pulling the shades.

I’ve been kissed by the sun, but no longer glow,
because the ripples of what has not been,
move through my mind,
while I gaze at a canal in Amsterdam.

The beautiful reflections of my illusions are cruising,
often crashing into the stones of reality.

I envy these office buildings,
for the sun always comes back
to give attention to their every floor.

You are a ray of light
that chose me,
I am the window
you pierced through,
only to rise for another.

Now I am cold,
and I’ve trapped myself
in my cubicle of dependence,

Yes, I’ve been kissed by the sun,
and although I don’t glow anymore,
I’ve pulled the shades,
and won’t be waiting for you
when you set.



Although aware I can not see,
a path that will make me happy,
and for the volatility I endure,
I truly wonder if there is a cure,

Tried to love, tried to care,
It sculpted this mask I choose to wear
for I love challenges and dislike conflicts,
but don’t always realize this contradicts

Why do I try to simplify
in a blink of an eye, demystify
myself into something that doesn’t satisfy
the ones I love, the rare,
leaving me alone, as I stare,
at the new mask I’ll wear..